The Bad Mix-up : Nihongo Exam

Of course I knew how big deal is the coming JLPT Nihongo exam for me and for my company. But again I was reminded, knowing and realizing are totally different from one another..

It's been weeks since my preparation for the upcoming nihongo exam started, which is today by the way, and to be frank with you didn't go so well. I wasn't really serious whenever I attend my nihongo class, I would joke around the class and to my sensei(teacher), cheat on quizzes if given the opportunity and so on.

I was always the cramming type of guy when it comes to exams and such, recently I've been spending more time in blogging than opening my booklet. I'm not saying blogging is to blame nor it's Winston's fault for introducing me to blogging :D , blogging just interest me a lot, and am planning to stick to it.

It started on a beautiful morning of Saturday, I was excited to chat with Winston and get my new domain name and host that day, but my excitement was utterly ruined by my internet connection. Hours passed, and the exam came into my mind. I was still lazy, my urge to sleep was far more superior than studying that time, so i kept myself from my booklet and had the longest sleep before my review. I slept around 3pm, I was supposed to get up at 7pm and start my serious review. But things just won't go my way that day, I woke up 2am the following day, the day of the exam.

So I rushed to the kitchen for some nourishments, and went up to start my review, but as I gather my materials, I realized I left my reviewers in the office, it was one of the moments that I wanted to hit myself in the head. I just told myself its OK I still have tomorrow, we start at 8am, I'll just come early and review before the actual exam, so I slept. . again..

I gently opened my eyes, it was still blurry, I turn to my left, there was the time. . . It was 7:45!!! I'm late!! I rushed to take my bath, get prepared, it just took me 12mins, I was amazed at myself but still not enough, though De La Salle University is near my place, I took a cab.. hoping time would stop.

I called some of my office mates and told them I'm on my way, I was relieved seeing many examinees on a long line to the entrance I quickly rushed and was glad I made it before the actual exam started.. . about the exam. . don't ask I'm sure to fail. .

What a mix up....


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