Is Rachel Uchitel Having an Affair With Tiger Woods?

As news of the minor car accident involving Tiger Woods races around the Internet, people are beginning to ask questions about Rachel Uchitel, which last October claimed to be having an affair with Bones star David Boreanaz.

The National Enquirer reports that Uchitel has been sleeping with Tiger Woods. A friend of Rachel's supposedly told the unreliable tabloid:

"Rachel told me, ‘I’m having an affair with Tiger Woods. We’re in love!’ She even read me text messages Tiger sent her that said ‘I love you, babe. It’s always going to be just you and me. They were constantly sexting."

Tiger's lawyer denies the charges, and actually I have no idea whether the rumors are true. The Enquirer gets it wrong a lot, but they've outed several major figures for peccadilloes in the past, including former presidential candidate John Edwards.

But one look at Elin Nordegren pictures and it's hard to believe that these rumors are true.


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