then I begin..

Its been days since my interest in blogging started. I've heard about blogging back when I was in college and never really understood how it works or the tons of great things that I can gain from it.

Just recently I was hearing a lot of stories from my friend and colleague Winston (aka batangyagit), mostly about how he was earning money from blogging, get acquainted with fellow writers and gaining popularity. The only thing I was more interested and curious was the idea of earning money (and in dollars) which never occurred to me when I first heard blogging back in college. After a long story and explanation, I realized how much I missed, I thought that if I've started blogging back then, I could be earning a lot and doesn't have to worry of finding a side job.

Thinking that I should get started as early as possible to catch up, I started reading blog posts, and ask questions on how to start up my blog, the Dos and Donts and etc., but thinking and actually doing it is different. I usually have difficulty in the first step, choosing the blog address or title took longer than expected, even thinking of my first post was difficult. I just hope that I could easily meet other writers and give me tips in improving my skills and this site, or teach me how to earn in blogging.


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